"I have to tell you, you are one of our favorite groups - The bartender begs me to have you in more often - and I agree with him." - Restaurant Manager

"Your group is magical - love that kind of music!" - Restaurant Host

"We thoroughly enjoyed your music - wish we lived closer" - Restaurant Customer

"The residents loved your performance and we want you to come back for another!" - Independent Senior Residence Manager

"Thank you for playing your wonderful music at our wedding - it added so much!" - Happy Bride and Groom

"You are my go-to gals for music at our events!" - Agency Director

"We enjoyed meeting  you and your trio-mates at Athos. We had a great night, and your music was the cherry on top.  I hope our paths cross again." - Restaurant Customer/Catskills-based Blues Maneuver Band Member

      "Roben Kosek Jazz & Blues - the perfect blend of classic sound with modest innovation. Soft and unobtrusive, but still lively and energetic.  A combination that brings a certain nostalgia to the room where you are at ease, yet still excited with anticipation for the next song.  A true experience of jazz and blues." - Happy Newlyweds

      "ENYCAR and our guests loved you and your band  We will most certainly keep you in mind for future events!"  - coordinator for ENYCAR corporate party

     "You guys are really good - I mean REALLY good!" - Provence customer

     "Wow, you all should be at the best clubs!" - Athos customer and former singer