We play selections generally from the 1920's - the 1960's. We can be a duo, trio, quartet or quintet, depending on your needs. We have played in small and large venues - restaurants, cafes, parties, festivals, library concerts and weddings.

We would love to be your entertainment!

The marriage of Jazz and Blues resulted in the offspring of American popular songs spanning a 30 year period that never went out of style.  Roben Kosek Jazz & Blues treats these songs with loving tenderness, nurturing the unique quality of each one.  Their repertoire includes instrumentals, Latin songs, sambas, bossa novas, French cafe selections, as well as more contemporary pieces, keeping their audience pleasantly surprised.

Terri Roben's voice is clear and concisely agile with a wide range as she entices her listeners to join her embrace of each selection.

Guitarist MaryAnn Kosek, whose father was a professional jazz band musician, carries on the family tradition, arranging and playing the songs with heart, soul and innate skill.

Brenda Fisher lends her wide musical talents to the group with high quality playing on her upright bass, providing rhythm and movement, as well as vocals, with soul and emotion.